All Out to the Regents Meeting!

It’s time of the year again when the Regents decide your future.

The Regents would like us to believe that they are not going to touch our tuition this year, or our resources, or our buildings, or UC workers and instructors.  The Regents have promised that if Prop 30 passes, there will be “no midyear tuition fee hike.”  But this is merely a promise… Prop 30 doesn’t change anything, and it sure as hell does not guarantee us more money…

Prop 30 passed in September of 2012, the third year anniversary since our first major cut.  Did we forget about that 32% fee hike in 2009? Or the subsequent double digit fee hikes every year after that? Did we forget about the first time the library hours changed on us? Or the workers that used to be here but no longer are?

As a comrade has said in regards to the November 8th rally:

“Prop 30 won’t save us… seriously, it won’t. Do you really think that the Regents are going to direct funds to roll back a decade of tuition hikes, restore manageable class sizes, re-fund departments, re-hire laid off workers, bring back the bookstore, restore library hours and student services, and stop privatizing education? Think about it for a minute and show up tomorrow at noon.”

Prop 30 has managed to place us in suspended animation.  It caught us in the middle of a struggle and expects us to stand still…

But we know that one proposition, two propositions, three propositions won’t save us! No proposition can save us from the grasps of a master plan.  The ultimate goal of privatizing every sector of the entire world is failing miserably!  Privatization is supposed to solve our problems, but this idea of making investors out of “everyone,” is only an excuse for the rich to get richer…and austerity is just another word for the structural readjustment in the “developed” world.  When you look at it this way, there is absolutely no way that the Crisis of Public Education is happening in a vaccum, or only in California and it is naive think Prop 30 will solve our problems.

Prop 30 Won’t Save Us. Because Prop 30 seeks to make us think of austerity as an isolated problem within the State of California. But we know this is not the case- the same (shit) is happening in New York, Puerto Rico, Chile, Greece, France, Spain, the U.K., Vienna, and on and on.  This struggle is larger than any one of these parts, and it is no reason to feel as if we have won, because we have lost so much more than that.

Prop 30 Won’t Save Us.  And it sure as hell won’t silence us.

So now let’s hold the Regents accountable!  Let’s see what they can do with that newly found money.

[Occupy the] Regents Meeting
November 13-15, 2012
Community Center, UCSF Mission Bay

*On the Regents agenda: retirement security cuts and votes on professional degree fee increases
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