On Tuesday, February 12, representatives from the University of California Office of the President will be convening UCI to discuss the future of health care across the UCs. 
Several issues are at stake for all UC students, graduates and undergraduates alike. For one, UC management is pushing to remain exempt from Obamacare standards in order to maintain lifetime caps and annual prescription coverage caps on student insurance plans. This means that any student whose patient care exceeds $400,000 a year or whose prescription needs exceed $10,000 a year will have no coverage, denying students the life-saving care they need (see http://www.mercurynews.com/science/ci_22453645/health-care-limits-leave-some-students-few-options for a news articles regarding this issue). On top of this, UC management plans to stick students with fee increases by an average of 25% across campuses – up to $600 a year – to pay for a deficit caused by financial mismanagement of the UC student health insurance plan.
Join your fellow students on Tuesday in front of Aldrich Hall at 10 a.m. to demand: 
  1. No fee increases.  UC’s $900 million in medical center profits should be used to pay for financial mismanagement of the health plan.
  2. UC should meet all Obamacare standards for covering life-saving care and free preventive care services. UC should eliminate all life time caps and annual prescription caps. 
UC needs to see how crucial these issues are to us as students and workers, and the best way to do that is to come out and be heard


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