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Racism Comes from the Institution – Tod@s somos UCSD!

From the UCI Cross Cultural Center In light of the attacks on African-American/Black Students and Students of Color as a whole at UCSD and Ward Connerly’s challange to the UCSD/BSU agreement, UCI showin’ their love and support. ¡La Lucha sigue!

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Kent State is not our Fate! A proposal for coordinated action May 4

At some point the rebels fighting behind the Orange Curtain exploded their subjectivities and took on an important position in the Crisis.  We saw our reflection in the dumpsters that one day, and since then nothing has been the same. … Continue reading

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The Continuing Appeal of Aldrich Hall

For us, especially after the events of last week and today, the existence of Aldrich Hall presents itself as a paradox. We are told that there are no more Winter Palaces to storm, and to a large degree, this is … Continue reading

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March 4 in Irvine

10:15am: Last night, there were rumors that dumpsters were being removed and that the Student Center would be closed down.  Right now, Irvine PD and the Fire Department are occupying the bottom floor of the Mesa Parking Structure.  Rally at … Continue reading

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