Meet the Occupation

We are an autonomous body in Orange County attempting to subvert hegemonic, state-supporting/ed protest by promoting radical discourse and militant action.

Articles can be submitted via the comments box on this (or any other) page; all will be reviewed for posting.


5 Responses to Meet the Occupation

  1. vickie says:

    hey there, thought your blog’s readers might be interested in our post on your work at uci:

    thanks for your time!

  2. Ricawdo says:

    Hey, I’d like to start a petition (automatically sends emails to targets whenever someone signs the petition) to put pressure on administrators and UCPD to stop criminalizing and brutalizing dissent. Please give me an email of someone who can help identify targets at UCI and refine the text. Thanks!

  3. Christian says:

    Hi! I’m Christian from Occupy OC and the Occupy OC Think Tank. I went to a meeting of Take Back UCI to try and build solidarity between the two groups… but I’m confused… is Take Back UCI related to Occupy UCI? Does Occupy UCI still exist?

    I like this blog! Can you fill me in?

    • Mr. F says:

      Occupy UCI dates back to the student movement of 09/10, and refers specifically to the building occupations on UC and CSU campuses. OUCI and TBUCI are fellow travelers.

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