Student Conduct Charges from Nov. 8th Rally + March

In response to the previous letter the lawyer sent to the administration (see here: UAW Lawyer’s email to the UCI admin), the Office of Student Conduct has released their first charge against a student-worker that organized and participated in November 8th’s Rally and March against UC privatization.  Sure enough the charges are absurd, given that these are the same charges we accused the administration of taking against several student activists that same day.   (Notice how conveniently they changed the time to say ‘you started it first’… we’ll see about that).  This is how the UC chill’s student activist on campus.  First brute force and then “conduct sanctions.”

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2 Responses to Student Conduct Charges from Nov. 8th Rally + March

  1. Lorraine Freeman says:

    Fascinating. I was suspended for being a threat to self, others, or property…because, citing the California Public Records Act, I asked to see…some records. This was at UC Merced.

  2. ..--..- says:

    Mario Garibay: Professional Liar, Paid University GOON & Buffoon.

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