The Slippery Slope of Stupidity

A copy of the police incident report for the first chalking incident (Nov 17, 2010) has been obtained.

According to the report, the first 5 students that were detained were not caught writing anything, but had chalk on their hands or were standing near a chalk message.  Additionally, the cost of cleanup of this “malicious vandalism” was… $10.  What?  The Student Center apparently did not request any arrests, but the report suggests that decorated officers Jamie Park and Michael Keller WOULD HAVE ARRESTED STUDENTS FOR CHALKING had it been requested by the UCI administration.  As the one checked box indicates, they considered chalking a “violation of criminal laws”, even though we’ve previously posted legal justification that chalking IS NOT illegal.

The report was forwarded to the Office of Student Conduct and Director of Punishment Edgar Dormitorio, though to our knowledge, no action has been taken by the kangaroo court.

We will also try to release police reports for several UCI dance parties in the near future.

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