From Irvine to the Bay: Support Student Activists Facing Charges!

From Mobilize Berkeley:

There was a court date for the UCSF Regents protesters today ,December 14, 2010, and as of current information, two people are being charged with Battery with Injury, resisting arrest, & obstructing. One student’s bail is set at $30k. One of them is a UC Berkeley student. The rest of the charges to the 11 students were dropped as of our current information. A person has offered to put one of the bails on his credit card but we are asking folks to commit money for bail.

If you are able to do this please contact me at and I will put you in touch with the contacts for bail and further information. You can also call and email Eric at & (951)3136331.

During times of repression like these, it’s very important that we support each other in struggle and show them that a charge against one of is a charge against all those who are opposing the budget cuts and fee hikes! Any of one of us could have been in that jail cell so we should show some love! Our friends at UCI are also facing charges by the District Attorney of Orange County for participation in the February 24 sit in. We need to support them as well. Solidarity messages and letters are encouraged for the UCSF Regents 13 protesters along with the UCI protesters. Please send your solidarity messages to me at Here’s an example of a solidarity letter for ideas but of course it can be shorter:

More updates forthcoming!

Information about the UCSF Regent protest at:

Information about the UCI protesters being charged;

Juan G.

CUE-Teamsters Local 2010 UC Berkeley Secretary  and UCB Student Worker Action Team member

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