New tactic from UAW leadership: peer pressure?

Beginning Tuesday evening, UAW staffers claiming to be UCI grad students have been calling members to lie about the contract and convince members to vote “yes” by telling them that “everyone else is doing it.”

One member responded that the nos are prevailing, to which the staffer retorted, “well that’s just a matter of opinion.”

Members should wonder, if everyone is voting yes, why is the union engaged in such a campaign to mislead more people into voting yes?

We already know that the elections commission is informing the leadership of the daily tallies, without even telling the other elections commissioners, as was promised.

On the one hand, it seems that the UAW leadership won’t fix a vote, or at least isn’t planning to–if they were, they wouldn’t become so desperate now. On the other, it is shocking that the union leadership is abusing its power and access to information in order to win the vote. So much for democracy!

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