The Proletarian Menace at UCI

Even CSO’s gotta respect our “communist or proletariat revolutionary slant,” as a certain Mr. F made clear in this week’s New University:

“That website [Occupy UCI!] had links to documents that indicated a communist or proletariat revolutionary slant,” Mr. F said. “It looked like they wanted students to take over the administration of [UCI] … I’m not sure of the rhetoric. It sounds like [it advocates] violence, but there’s been no violence observed yet.”

While this website refuses to either advocate or condemn proletarian violence and militant self-defense, violence has only been observed—repeatedly—from the UC and UCI administrations’ hired goons, the under-educated and over-paid UCPD.

And since we obviously aren’t making ourselves clear: we DO want to take over the administration of UCI.  When the administration’s response to student unrest is to lock the doors and send cops outside to harass and intimidate students, when the administration decides to cut essential services for no budgetary gain without student input, when the administration brings student conduct charges against student activists and even admits it’s politically motivated… what other choice do we have?

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