#calibrennt (California is burning)

UC Irvine:
2/24: After 17 students and activists sat in outside Chancellor Drake’s office, students outside began barricading police inside Aldrich Hall and blockading Pereira Dr.

UC San Diego:
2/25: After a frat hosted a “Compton Cookout” and a student TV reporter called protesting students “ungrateful n—–s”, the campus has erupted in protest.  A teach-in by the administration about racism, attended by 1200, was disrupted by students who emptied the room and conducted their own teach-in outside, which gathered as many as 3000 students.  On 2/25, a noose was found in Geisel Library, and notes were sent to media warning of more.  An 8:00am Friday rally is planned.

UC Berkeley:
2/25: Riots in the streets of Berkeley.  Students briefly occupied Durant Hall, which was under construction, but poured into the streets where they have been fighting police.  As of 2:45am, 2 arrests had been made.

Who will go next?  We’re still 6 days to March 4.

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