Upcoming actions at occupied UCI

Tuesday, November 24, 2009
Time: 12:00pm – 2:00pm

This effort supported by:
Muslim Student Union
Worker Student Alliance
Black Student Union
Sikh Student Association
Radical Student Union
Pakistani Student Association
AlyansaIf your organization is willing to support this, send us an email at standupuci@gmail.com
Join the twitter http://twitter.com/StandUpUCI for further updates and a sustained effortMAKE SURE TO WEAR BLACK!!!Itinerary coming shortly!

The UC has voted to raise tuition by 32%! Students were brutally assaulted at UCLA for using their right of freedom of speech! Cuts are coming from the bottom not the top, while the administrators are getting raises workers are getting fired and student class sizes get larger. It is time that we as students come together in solidarity to tell the UC it’s our UC!!!

Come out and hear stories from those affected and find out what we can do from here! Please invite at least 10 others. This is our time in history will we live up to the responsibility?

We stress that this is a peaceful rally, however, we as citizens of the United States can and will exercise of First amendment Rights of free speech!


More info: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=318808380036

2) Liberate Langson Library!
FROM: Friday, December 4, 2009 at 4:00pm
TO: Friday, December 11, 2009 at 5:00pm
AT: Langston Hughes Library

When they raise our tuition 32%, even studying is a form of resistance.All quarter, our library hours have been inadequate, and UCI administration is threatening to lay off even more library staff. The quality of our education falters when our library closes at 11pm during the week at 5pm on weekends. Even Finals Week is not a good enough excuse for extended library hours–the weekend before finals, the library is open:
8am-5pm on Friday, December 4
1pm-5pm on Saturday, December 5
1pm-5pm on Sunday, December 6
8am-11pm throughout Finals WeekWe don’t need a crowded study hall (Gateway), we need books and respect!—————–

Friday December 4:
3pm: Teach-in outside Langson Library about the budget cuts
4pm: Study-in inside Langson Library!
5pm-All Night: teach-ins, workshops, films, music, food, quiet study areas, and group study areas.

Saturday December 5:
1pm: General Assembly, Graduate Reading Room
(schedule subject to change)

The study-in will continue indefinitely!

Be sure to bring study materials, blankets, and food!

We are trying to make the Library into a safe space for queer/trans and AB540 students; please post suggestions below. All bathrooms will be gender-neutral!

If there is something you want to see happen at the study-in, DO IT! You don’t need anyone’s permission, just post what you’re doing on this page or announce it at Langson!

Finally, because the Library is named after Jack Langson, local real estate baron, it is appropriate that we rename it to something relevant to students. It appears we have near-unanimity: it will be called Langston Hughes Library!


To address two concerns echoed by many students:
We are in the process of devising plans in case power is shut off or administrators deny us entry at 4pm.


We are looking for faculty to give teach-ins and host review sessions inside liberated Langson Library. The presence of faculty not only will create stronger bonds between teachers and students on campus, but will also deter admin and the police from shutting us down! Tell your teachers that there will be space available for them anytime between 4pm Friday and 5pm Saturday, and maybe later; if they want to do a teach-in, they are free to talk about whatever they want. Anything else they want to do is totally fine too! If you need help in a class, emphasize the review session option!

contact: occupyuci@riseup.net

More info: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=212631345539

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4 Responses to Upcoming actions at occupied UCI

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  2. neverbeenuaw says:

    Thank you for thinking about queer and trans students ahead of time. I would also suggest that somebody type up an official statement on WHY the bathrooms are gender-neutral, especially if someone decides to tear down the gender signs from the bathrooms and replace them; I saw students and admins at UCLA get so wrapped up in their privilege that they were actually *offended* by that. I’m not saying you should endorse property damage, but in case someone decides to do it, it would be nice if someone can at least explain why. I would do it myself (type up the explanation, that is), but I’m not the best at confronting privilege politely.

    I also strongly urge people to bring written examples of tried-and-true consensus structures to refer to, and that people make a serious effort at agreeing on a SPECIFIC consensus process before any important decisions are made on a large scale inside the building. The lack of a process can lead to privileged people blathering on and on and on about their own ideas while people who are less comfortable in the limelight stay silent. Consensus is still possible in that situation, but it’s a mess, and it’s not the most reliable anyway. Crimethinc’s primer on democracy has a helpful diagram and a few pages about consensus decision-making; other, more expressly syndicalist groups might have good/better resources on the matter too.

    It might be helpful in the consensus process for people to bring something that can get everyone’s attention at once, too, like a gong, a bullhorn, or something else that can make a sharp, loud, overpowering noise for a split second. Gongs are also GREAT for morale!

  3. neverbeenuaw says:

    Oh, and in my opinion, if there are multiple sets of bathrooms available in the occupation space, we should consider leaving ONE male and ONE female bathroom be, for those cisgendered students who would feel unsafe in a high-traffic gender-neutral bathroom. The appearance of normalcy might play a role in helping sex abuse victims feel safe in what could turn out to be a crowded and hectic space; an ideal solution would take both trans safety and women’s safety into account, understanding them as overlapping requirements that don’t subtract from one another but add to one another. It’s not great to mimic gender oppression within liberated spaces, but (I HOPE) one imperfect set of bathrooms won’t hurt anyone and could potentially help some people have a better experience. If I’m right about this.

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